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No Half Measures! GetRed can help you to reach your health & fitness goals through our expertly delivered coaching services.

Welcome To GetRed

How We Can Help You

Unless you have stumbled across my website by accident, you are here because you feel you are not being everything you could be, and have just taken your first step towards making some changes. So congratulations, because that first step can be the hardest one.

In order to get life long results we need to examine our mindset. Assessing our perspective and altering our perception opens our mind to change. If we can do that, we can identify the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that no longer work for us. 

As a Mental Health and Exercise Coach, I specialise in helping you to identify the ‘why’ behind your goals, if you understand the ‘why’, the ‘how’ becomes easy.  Once that’s done, we focus on increasing happiness, confidence and self esteem via the ‘by products’ of exercise.

How You Can Work With GetRed

We have a variety of different services to help you reach your goal, so whether you are looking for a Personal Trainer in Sutton or you are based further afield, we have something to help you.

In Person

If you are local to Sutton, we offer 1-2-1 personal training as well as group classes that you can take part in


Our online coaching packages range from personalised programming to fully bespoke health coaching

In Groups

Our popular group classes run morning and evening, covering a variety of training styles and methodologies

Under 16's

We also run succesful training programs for under 16's, we work with several local schools and academies

Meet Your Coach

Justin, Jay… the fella from GetRed. What you call me isn’t important. What is important is what I represent… Change.  

Having encountered some unexpected obstacles in my personal and professional life I have had to assess and adapt accordingly, so I have had first-hand experience of how unfamiliar and uncomfortable change can be. But I found if you make a decision with firm intention, and stick with the idea long enough you can condition your body to respond to your mind… change your thinking to change your life. 

Should you choose to work with me, together, we will look at developing a positive mindset by identifying thoughts, feelings, behaviours and emotions that no longer serve a purpose and leaving them in the past. Altering perceptions and addressing the internal environment to create a more positive external environment.

Using Informal Exercise Therapy, my coaching offers you the knowledge, guidance and confidence required to push yourself beyond your perceived limits, and with patience and consistency, you will attain the physical strength and mental fortitude to upgrade your life.  

So if you really want to start making some changes, it’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable, there will be no half measures…


Years of experience


Client Feedback

Below is just a handful of the testimonials from my happy clients, it could be yours next!

I would highly recommend Justin as a PT. I have been training for many years but just having a few extra sessions helped me perfect my technique in lifting, pressing and all other aspects of training. He has decent banter as well which made the sessions less painful!!

Tony Q In Person Client

My perception of PT gym monkeys is that they are strong in the arm and weak in the head, however I was impressed when Justin shared his expert knowledge on nutrition. He understood my aspirations and put together a plan to meet my needs.

Mark L PT Client

I met Justin in Welcome Gym where he was PT’ing and training some classes. Justin started training me after we agreed on my goals and a time frame for realization of them. He created the programme which we followed and took notes on the weights being used.

Anita B PT Client

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